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Cartagena in Murcia

Cartagena - Murcia - Spain

Originally founded by the Carthaginians in 230 BC, the city has been at the centre of many conflicts including the Romans, and as such this ancient city is of great historical interest with many artefacts to be found in museums and archaeological sites. It is great to explore both the new and the old including Roman and Byzantine ruins, a Roman theatre, ancient walls, castles, churches and a modern city centre with good shops, restaurants and parks to rest.

 Peral Submarine, built in Cadiz in 1884

 The Port Of Cartagena

Cartagena is still an important naval seaport to the Spanish and one of the most important in Spain. There are many naval ships here and many of the buildings surrounding the port belong to the navy with a good museum for those interested in its history. Due to its location on the Mediterranean Sea, the port has been very important through the ages and the ruins of many castles and forts can be found high on the surrounding hills lending support to its defence.
Cartagena has many archaeological sites and ruins in and around the city and in the old centre can be found museums with artefacts found or the remains of old Roman buildings. Excavation has been carried out under the current bullring, which was constructed in 1854 over a Roman amphitheatre. There are also many churches, palaces and buildings of great architectural design that have been carefully restored back to their former glory around the city many in the old quarter located around the port.

Cartagena is a wonderful historic city with many wonderful buildings to view most of which are within easy walking distance from the centre. The weather is typically hot with plenty of sunshine and the city offers plenty of bars and restaurants around the many parks and squares to take in the slow and relaxed atmosphere Cartagena has to offer.
 In memory of the sailors died in Cavite

 Over The Port Of Cartagena

In Torres Park is the medieval Castillo de la Concepción, whose ruins are surrounded by fine gardens, and which commands a splendid view of the city, the harbor and the Byzantine Wall.

Close to the park’s main entrance you will find the Municipal Auditorium, the venue for many prestigious musical and cultural events. Every summer there is the Mar de Musicas, when musicians from all over the world travel to Cartagena to perform. During September there is a major Fiesta where the residents dress as Romans and Carthaginians and party well into the early hours. Throughout the year there are many other fiestas and celebrations.
 Cafes/Bars Fronting The Port

 Sun Rise Over The Port Of Cartagena

 Bull Fighting Arena

 Roman amphitheatre

Cartagena has always been a major port, due to its unique position on the Mediterranean coast and you will see high on the hilltops, several forts and castles. Much of Cartagenas Roman history has long gone however there are sites, such as that under the current bullring that have been excavated. The bullring was erected in 1854, over the Roman amphitheatre.

Over recent years many of the important buildings in the city have been restored. Indeed, to this day the work continues. There are numerous churches, palaces and government buildings. You will also find several good museums worthy of a visit.

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