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If you've ever tried to ask for directions or book a flight in a Spanish-speaking country, you know how important it is to speak the native tongue. You don't need to hire a translator -- Our Spanish Phrase Book provide you with the words you need to communicate in any setting.

La Manga is predominantly Spanish and statistically will remain that way. Increasingly however, many Europeans from countries such as England,France,The Netherlands, Ireland, Germany and Poland are discovering the secrets of La Manga and creating a stylish, cosmopolitan atmosphere. which is now becoming one of the most sought after areas for people buying in Spain, to rent and to live and a great holiday destination. however it is not your typical British package deal holiday resort.

The locals are very friendly and whilst many do speak English, a phrase book is very useful.

On our pages , you'll learn how to order dinner, talk on the phone, read street signs and train schedules, and more. This handy reference even features the basics of Spanish grammar and pronunciation as well as phrases you'll need for difficult situations

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Understanding the grammer
Meeting & Greeting People
Order Drinks And Snacks
Ordering A Meal

This section has a few simple rules which will help you speak like a local!

There is so much to learn with any new language. Understanding the Spanish grammer is the first step.

Always pronounce all the 'vowels' very clearly. eg: chocolate = cho-co-la-te

'I' is pronounced like the english 'ee'. eg: yes = si (sounds like see)

'U' is pronounced like the english 'oo'. eg: a lot = mucho (sounds like moocho)

'H' is slient at the begining of words. eg: hotel = o-tel

'J' is pronounced like H. eg: jamón = ha-mon

'Z' or 'CE' or 'CI' is pronounced like 'TH' as in the english word thin or theme

'GE' or 'GI' is pronounced like H as in the english word heat or hot

'QU' is pronounced like K as in the english word key

There is an additional letter in the spanish alphabet - Ñ ........This is pronounced like the ni in onion

España sounds like es-pa-nia

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Meeting & Greeting People

hello hola
goodbye adiós
see you later hasta luego
good morning buenos dias
good afternoon buenas tardes
good evening / good night buenas noches
yes si
no no
I am English Yo soy inglés
I am from London Yo soy de London
My name is ..... Me llamo .....
What is your name? Cómo se llama?
Pardon? Cómo?
Pleased to meet you Mucho gusto
How are you? Cómo estas? or Qué tal?
Fine, thanks! Bien, gracias!

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This Section Will Help You Order Drinks And Snacks

a beer, please una cerveza, por favor
an orange juice, please un zumo de naranja, por favor
a coffee (black), please un café, por favor
a coffee (white), please un café con leche, por favor
tea - with milk or with lemon té con leche or té con limon
a glass of red wine un vaso de vino tinto
a bottle of white wine una botella de vino blanco
for me, thanks para mi, gracias
What would you like? Qué van a tomar?
a portion of tapas, please una ración de tapas, por favor
a cheese sandwich (baguette) un bocadillo de queso
a ham sandwich (baguette) un bocadillo de jamón
crisps las patatas fritas
a pineapple juice un zumo de piña
an apple juice un zumo de manzana
lemonade una limonada
a mineral water (sparkling or still) un agua mineral (con gas or sin gas)
a hot chocolate un chocolate caliente

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This Section Will Help You Order A Meal

the restaurant el restaurante
a table for 5 please una mesa para cinco, por favor
1st course / 2nd course de primero / de segundo
set menu el menú del dia
I'd like..... Yo quiero......
the bill please la cuenta, por favor
soup la sopa
rice el arroz
sauce la salsa
fish & seafood pescado y mariscos
meat & poultry carne y aves
prawns las gambas
squid los calamares
tuna el atún
lobster la langosta
chicken el pollo
steak el lomo
pork el cerdo
lamb el cordoro
vegetables verduras
mushrooms los champiñones
salad ( green / mixed) la ensalada ( verde / mixta )
desserts los postres
ice-cream el helado
cheese el queso

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